It's time for our sixth MLH hackathon, and our first online event! hackSheffield 6.0 is just as exciting as ever. Jump onto our online event and create something new and exciting, with the chance to win some sweet prizes.


You must be over 18 to participate in hackSheffield. You must be a current University student, or graduated within the last 12 months.

Unfortunately, if you're outside the UK, we can't guarantee we'll be able to send you physical prizes. You'll still get any digital prizes like Digital Ocean credit, and we'll get in touch to sort it out.


Your submission video must be no longer than 3 minutes.

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£2,949 in prizes

Best Hack - 1st Place

A Logitech MX Master 3, the best mouse for productivity, coding and creativity.

Alternatively, swap out for the 2nd or 3rd place prize if you'd prefer.

You'll also get $250 DigitalOcean credit per winning team member to power your future projects and ideas.

Best Hack - 2nd Place

A Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB), a tiny dual-display desktop computer. Also excellent for hackin' away on, hosting a Minecraft server or nuking ads.

Alternatively, swap out for the 3rd place prize if you'd prefer.

You'll also get $125 DigitalOcean credit per winning team member to power your future projects and ideas.

Best Hack - 3rd Place

A Mi Smart Band 5, the newest fitness tracker from Xiaomi.

You'll also get $100 DigitalOcean credit per winning team member to power your future projects and ideas.

The People's Champion

Show your love for the world's best not-a-programming-language with a 'CSS is awesome' mug.

This prize is voted for by all participants.

Best V A P O R W A V E Themed Hack

HS6, codename "neon disco rave". Call it what you wish, the best themed hack gets to take the vibe home with a Lava Lamp.

Funniest Hack

Does your hack make us chuckle? If so, you could be walking home with whatever new and unused mini board games we can get our hands on.

MLH · Best Domain Registered with

Register a .tech, .space, or .online domain name using during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger & Backpack.

MLH · Best use of Google Cloud

Build your hackathon project with a suite of secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics products provided by Google Cloud. See full list of products here: Each winning team member will receive a Google Nest Mini.

MLH · Best Use of CockroachDB

Build your hackathon project on CockroachDB's open source and indestructible SQL database. PostgreSQL compatible and easy to use. Utilize CockroachDB in your hack for a chance to win a 3D printing pen for each team member. What's more, ALL projects submitted that use CockroachDB will receive a free t-shirt!

Capital One · Best Financial Hack

Each winning team member will receive a £50 Amazon gift card.

IBM · Best Serverless Hack

Going serverless with IBM Cloud lets you scale automatically, run your code on demand, and pay nothing when it's not in use.

The best submission that makes use of IBM's Cloud platform will bag some sweet IBM goodies.

Sheffield Ethical Student Hackers · Best Security Mindful Project

The best project that keeps security at its core wins an Digispark development board for each team member.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Jennifer Ollett

Jennifer Ollett
hackSheffield Committee

Kassandra Yuen

Kassandra Yuen
hackSheffield Committee

James Edmundson

James Edmundson
hackSheffield Committee

Arnas Boruchovas

Arnas Boruchovas
hackSheffield Committee

Tom Keeble

Tom Keeble
hackSheffield Committee

Edward Hails

Edward Hails
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Will Russell

Will Russell
Major League Hacking

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    Has this project been done before at hackathons in the past? How creative is their project in solving the problem at hand?
  • Technology
    How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"?
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the user experience? How well designed is the interface?
  • Completion
    Does the hack work? Did the team achieve everything they wanted?
  • Learning
    Did the team stretch themselves? Did they try to learn something new? What kind of projects have they worked on before?
  • Adherence to Challenge Themes
    Does the hack adhere to the challenge's theme? Does it implement that theme fully or just partially?

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